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Security is a serious issue on every level and especially on the internet. Businesses need to learn how to utilize the internet while protecting their data and their clients data from prying eyes.

Some of the easiest ways to secure your internet usage are by implementing a VPN or Virtual Private Network and by having a strong password strategy. When it comes to passwords, everyone has one. The problem is that most people only have one password that is easily guessable. To make matters worse, they use it for all their services. The reason many of us do this is because we can’t remember so many different passwords. However, this puts you at risk of having your privacy compromised. Surveillance camera

Thankfully, many sites today have taken measures to help us use better passwords by requiring stronger passwords, usually containing a combination of letters, numbers, and symbols. However, this still doesn’t prevent us from using the same passwords for everything or from using easily guessable combinations such as a combination of our child’s name and birthdate, which meets a sites requirement but can still be easily hacked.

Protect Yourself With A Strong Password Strategy

  1. To truly be safe on the internet, you need a better password strategy. Here are some tips to help you create better passwords that will keep you and your business secure on the internet.
    Create a different password for every account or service you use.
  2. Create passwords that are unique and completely unrelated to you. That means no birthdates or family names.
  3. Use long passwords, at least 8-12 characters in length. 12-16 is even better for online banking sites.
  4. Make sure your passwords have a good mix of letters (capital and lower case), numbers, and symbols.
  5. Store your passwords in a safe place. Not in a text document on your computer desktop! We recommend using one of the many excellent password programs such as “1Password”. Not only does it store all your passwords, but it can create randomly generated passwords for you on a per site basis, then fill them in for you automatically whenever you visit that particular site. Applications like “1Password” require you to only remember 1 password, the password to the application. It will store all the rest for you!

Taking these simple measures will ensure you and your business are safe while utilizing the internet. Using a VPN and having a strong password strategy will give you and your clients peace of mind knowing your data is secure.

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