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Every computer system is vulnerable. Hackers are criminals who gain unauthorized access to networks and devices. They are becoming more sophisticated in their methods to hack into computers. They do so by taking advantage of the known vulnerabilities in the secure computer system.

How Hackers Hack into Your Computer

Anonymous computer hacker in hoodie. Using laptop computer for cyber attack and calling on cellphone.

Using an updated anti-virus can keep hackers from accessing your data. Photo by Bermix Studio on Unsplash

One of the biggest vulnerabilities is you! When you’re online, you can easily make accidental errors as you’re surfing the web or using online communication tools. User errors are the biggest threats to your cybersecurity. Maybe you’ve clicked on a dodgy link that has led to malware being downloaded on your system. Or you may have accidentally pressed on an online ad that has opened up your system to a virus. There are lots of errors that humans can make while online that is the perfect opportunity for hackers.

Poor password protection is another common method that hackers use to hack your computer system. If you have a weak password that can be easily guessed, hackers are able to access your online accounts, including your online banking.

Lack of adequate firewalls and anti-virus protection is a method used by hackers. Most computers now have built-in firewalls, which are software that acts as a barrier between your data and the outside world to prevent hackers from gaining access to your system. Double-check that your firewall is enabled before you go online.

Update Your System

If you’re wondering how hackers hack when none of the above apply to your computer, they are more likely to attack when your system is outdated. Make sure you perform regular updates in your system, including the antivirus software. Having poor data backup and recovery practices leaves your computer vulnerable to cyberattacks.

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