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As an employer, it’s your responsibility to set up and enforce cybersecurity protocols for your entire team to follow. With the pandemic still influencing most businesses’ daily operations, it’s still essential to implement reliable IT services geared towards protecting employee and employer data while working from home.

Why protecting your data in a remote work environment is important.

As millions of companies continue operating primarily on a remote basis, hackers have found clever ways to infiltrate your companies data through remote employee systems. With cybercrime on the rise, especially malware and ransomware, it’s become integral for businesses to secure their remote workforces.

While working remotely helps your employees stay healthy and productive. For them to remain productive, you should consider managed IT solutions that will reduce your cybersecurity risk without compromising on compliance. By protecting sensitive data, you will help instill confidence back into your workforce.

Ways to improve your data protection

Firewall Security

Using anti-virus provides a base layer of protection against all kinds of malware.

Effective IT services won’t just benefit your remote workforce, but studies show they will continue being an effective tool needed for navigating businesses in the future.  Below are some helpful ways you can start implementing better cybersecurity protocols into your remote workforce. 

  • Set up and enforce a strict cybersecurity policy for everyone, not just remote working employees.
  • Provide tools and resources for employees to protect data.
  • Set up a VPN to secure all internet connections.
  • Update passwords and use two-factor authentication tools.
  • Implement firewalls and ransomware software.


As long-time cybersecurity and IT service company, OnePointSync has seen first-hand the effects of not having a thorough cybersecurity strategy in place. The methods outlined in the article can help your business protect its data from malicious hackers trying to gain access to your companies sensitive data. Reach out to OnePointSync for more information on how managed IT services can save your business time and money

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