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Why You Need a Firewall?

Simply because you don’t want any intruders to steal your data or destroy your operating system!

Your internet connection may leave you vulnerable to hackers who want to access your financial and personal information. With a firewall in place, you will be protected against data thieves.

How Can You Lock Your Computer?

By using trustworthy firewalls that will help you stop intruders from accessing your system, but, at the same time, you still have the freedom to do your business online. This means that you keep your internet linked to the outside world, but the outside world cannot see you unless you want them to.

Common Methods to Attack or View Computer Data

IP Spoofing

Someone outside your network fools your computer into recognizing the intruder as a trusted source – either a trusted internal source or a trusted external IP address that your system recognizes. The IP address is a series of numbers that gives a computer a specific identity that other computers come to recognize.

Network Packet Sniffers

Windows NT transmits network packets as unprotected, clear text – for legitimate network management – inadvertently allowing anyone to pick packets up ‘’en route’’ for a closer look. Hackers caught network packets to stealing your information while in transit.

Man-in-the-Middle Attacks

This kind of attack occurs when someone accesses information between two persons without either one identifying the intruder’s presence. If both individuals are using a public-key system to send data, the man-in-the-middle can intercept it. Then, use it to decipher the message, copy it, and finally re-code the data again to continue sending it on its way.

Distributing Sensitive Internal Information to External Sources

Usually performed by someone who has or once had access to sensitive corporate information, or by a disgruntled employee. The individual places sensitive data on an external computer so others can have full access.

Password Attacks

Passwords are the most vulnerable to attack. Once someone has access to your password, the invaders will then have a key to personal information. There are diverse ways an attacker can steal passwords that include Password Guessing, Brute-Force Logon, and Password Cracking.Computer Lock

All in all, with a solid firewall you will still have normal e-mail access, however, chat and other interactive programs will need you to take an extra step to grant access before you can run them.

A firewall is robust but unobtrusive internet lock, just like a deadbolt lock inside a door.

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