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Your customers entrust you and your business with their personal information. Therefore, it’s your responsibility as a business owner to keep this information as safe and secure as possible. Beyond just keeping information secure, it’s also your responsibility to be able to bounce back quickly from data disasters —  as you can through proper data back up.

Without the ability to bounce back quickly, you risk losing credibility in your industry. Worse yet, prolonged periods of inactive service can result in your customers leaving you in favor of companies with better security and control over their data.

To reduce the chances of these things happening to your business, it’s important to understand the different types of hacking scams used in today’s society.

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Preventing hacking scams starts by understanding what they are.

Types of Hacking Scams

As a business, ransomware can be devastating. In fact, it’s the number one hacking concern for small and large businesses alike. Basically, ransomware consists of hackers taking over your business’s systems and holding them ransom until you provide what is asked for, which is usually money.

Another hacking scam worthy of your attention is malware, which is purposely designed to infect and cause damage to computers, servers, client databases, and other online business assets. Finally, there’s phishing, which consists of hackers pretending to be someone they’re not to gain access to payment information, account details, and other restricted kinds of information.

How to Prevent Data Security Breaches

The best way to prevent a data security breach, and minimize damage as a result of one, is through IT back up solutions. With the proper IT back up solutions, you can not only block attempted breaches, but you can also rest assured knowing that even if your data is breached, you can rely on your backups to quickly restore order and customer faith.

For IT back up solutions that you can trust, choose OnePointSync. After listening to your needs and assessing your situation, our team of data experts will provide the perfect solution to help you prevent a data security breach from affecting your business.

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