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A great office space in a busy location with a lot of foot traffic is hard to come by, and small business owners do not always have the capital to spend on prime real estate. To cut back on startup costs for small business owners, many look to their home to be their first office space. When you have exhausted the capabilities of running a business from your local coffee shop, it’s time to think about setting up a home office. Make sure you design a home office space that allows for productivity and efficiency, and you don’t end up folding laundry and streaming Hulu when you should be reaching out to clients or taking care of business.

Denver small business IT provider

We offer secure, fast, and cost-effective IT solutions for your home office or small business.

Separation of home and office

There are a million distractions in your home, from family to everyday chores to the lure of the couch. If you are running a business from home, you need an office that is separate from the rest of the home – a place that is set aside for your business. Yes, your office is going to be a room that is in your home, but the room should have boundaries and rules. If you are working, then your office is out of bounds. There should be a distinct separation between your home and your home office.

Separating home and office will help you be in “work mode” when you are in your office, and in “family” mode when you are in your home. Make sure there are clear guidelines both for yourself and the rest of the household. A clear demarcation will help you give 100% of your attention to work when you are in your home office, and 100% of your attention to the family when you are at home. If there are blurred lines, you’ll end up failing your business and your family.

Secure server for your home office

Firewall and VPN services in Denver

With our firewalls, we can use a VPN client to tie your employees’ computer into your home office network.

Once you’ve found the right room in your home, it’s time to talk to a local IT expert about your home office tech needs. Your home may already have an Internet connection, but depending on your business, you may need to get a more secure server specifically for your business. If your employees are also working remotely, you’ll need to have secure capabilities for employees to connect to the work network without compromising security or efficiency.

Cloud service solutions for your home office

Cloud services are extremely effective for small businesses being run out of home offices as they allow everyone to be on the same virtual page without being in the same physical space.

VoIP cuts costs for home offices

You will also need phone capabilities. Despite the advances in technology, every business still needs to have a phone number. You’ll probably also need to have voicemail, teleconferencing, or video conferencing options, as well as call-forwarding.

The good news is that you won’t need to pay for a separate landline. We can use your Internet to set up a VoIP phone system that fits your small or mid-sized business and saves you the cost of a separate telephone line.

Connect remotely and securely to your home office network

Denver IT solutions and support for small businesses

Running a successful business from a home office requires the right IT solutions and support.

Whether you are running your small business from your home office or you are an employee working from home, OnePointSync offers IT services that can make your home office more cost effective, efficient, and productive. With our firewalls, we can use a VPN client to tie your home office to the main office, or to tie remote employees to your home office network. With secure remote access, you can also leave your home office, but still be able to access your home office network without compromising security and sensitive company information.

As your business grows and you begin to hire more people, our cloud computing services give small businesses and home office operations new ways to collaborate everywhere and anywhere through mobile devices.

All of our systems are fully secure.

Denver home office IT solutions

OnePointSync is a complete IT solution provider in Colorado. We understand the unique problems of business systems and implement proven, cost-effective solutions for one user – or hundreds. We handle hardware evaluation, recommendation, sales, and installation, and we offer unmatched full-time service and support for all of our clients.

If you’re running your Colorado business from home, talk to an IT expert today.

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